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Complete Research Reports

Environmental management (SG5)

Nutrient Extraction from Spent Bedding and Pond Sludge

Robyn Tucker, Mick O'Keefe, Eugene McGahan, Paul Jensen, Prof Damien Batstone

Low Cost Options for Reducing Effluent Pond Methane

Glenn Poad, Eugene McGahan, Dr Matt Redding

PigBal 4 User Manual

Alan Skerman

PigBal 4 Model

Alan Skerman

Reducing Energy Costs in Piggeries

Robyn Tucker, FSA Consulting

Getting the Best Value from Manure Nutrients

Robyn Tucker, FSA Consulting

New Design Guidelines for Anaerobic Ponds

Robyn Tucker, FSA Consulting

Minimising Odour From Piggeries

Robyn Tucker, FSA Consulting

Anaerobic pond sludge profiling and trigger point determination

Dr Mohammad Shakil Ahmmed, Sahadev Somasundaram, Alan Skerman, Prof Damien Batstone

Trends in environmental impacts from the pork industry

Stephen Wiedemann, Eugene McGahan, Kalinda Watson, Leo Biggs

Effect of feed wastage on piggery manure characteristics and methane potential

Stephan Tait, Shao Dong Yap, Alan Skerman, Sara Willis

Pork water balance model development

David McClymont, Alan Skerman