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Complete Research Reports

Genetics, reproduction & welfare (SG2)

Identify and Integrate Measures of Animal Welfare that Meet the Needs of Animals and Society Part 1 & 2

Drewe Ferugson, Dr Ian Colditz, Teresa Collins, Dr Lindsay Matthews, Prof Paul Hemsworth

A Better Outcome for Sick & Compromised Pigs

Fiona Kelk, Ross Cutler, Dr Patricia Holyoake

Assessment of Pain Induced by Tail Docking in Piglets and Strategies to Reduce this Pain

Dr Rebecca Morrison, Prof Craig Johnson, Nikki Kells, Prof Paul Hemsworth

A Review of Transport Practices and Mortalities in Australia

Sara Willis, Kerry Bell, Ross Knight, John Riley, Graeme Pope

Planning, Managing and Evaluating Group Housing Systems

Sara Willis, John Riley, Graeme Pope

Validation of On-Farm Pig Welfare Indices

Dr Ellen Jongman, Lauren Hemsworth, Jeremy Skuse